Early Bird Circuit is our Circuit Session for the early risers out there!  Each session focuses on total body conditioning workouts to help you jump start your morning and get your workout in before your daily tasks. Drop in at any point during the time slots to go through the customized workout at your own pace. This class is for all members from beginner to experienced as each workout plan can be adjusted to suit individual capabilities.

After School Athletics is Form And Function Fitness Centre’s introductory class to higher-level athlete training. After School Athletics is designed to introduce members to athlete protocols and experience the immense benefits that working with a Strength & Conditioning coach can do to develop the individual into a top-performing athlete.  During these sessions receive coaching from one of our Strength & Conditioning coaches that will help develop athletic capability to compete at the highest levels. Highly recommended for students from high school to university. ** Call or Email ahead of time to book a spot in this session**

Suspension Training (TRX) is a class that focuses on core strength development in a way that uses your own body and gravity as the system to deliver an effective workout with hundreds of exercise alternatives possible with the TRX suspension trainers. The Suspension Training class will help you develop a strong core, increase muscular endurance and can benefit anyone from children to seniors as you adjust the resistance by simply moving your body position to add or decrease resistance.

TRX Bootcamp is for you if you already enjoy the Suspension Training class and want to take it to the next level! TRX bootcamp takes what you know from the suspension class and incorporates other fun workout methods such as kettle bell, battle ropes, agility ladders and other equipment to provide you with a complete workout to tone, strengthen and increase flexibility. Classes are easily modified for any skill level. 

Stretch Therapy class is offered to provide a fitness experience that combines practices of Foam Rolling, Stretching Practices and Mobility Exercises to compliment your workout regimen and maintain flexibility, mobility and a good balance. Stretch Therapy is a perfect low intensity class that is fun and effective!

**Please Call To Confirm Class Times and Availability**